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  1. Week 6: Exposed!

    The most anticipated day of interview come and we all got ready to meet up with our “SCHEDULED” interviewees but the “fdksabgi ‘;./smofgwog h” always happen every time we plan a damn thing… It’s either they don’t wanna be in front of that camera, or it’s against their management guidelines, or they’re not around. Damn! That’s why I don’t like scheduled interview.

    And that’s how it all happened, after being rejected over and over again at PHOTOLINE at SM San Pablo, we’ve decided to go to San Pablo (bayan) and roam there just to discover that some of our classmates also experienced the same fate we’ve been through. And there we found a studio named EXPOSED.

    We met a man who is very down to earth, he even helped us to set up our cam and everything. We had a smooth interview… Well maybe not because there are some cuts and takes in our interview because the man is kinda nervous.

    Well there’s our interview expirience.

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  3. Week 5: “CAS is FUN”

    Our first plan is to make a video that looks simple..,but in reality, is complicated to do… We plan to make it look like the commercial of PS Bank mixed with The Bar concept… But after i started editing it, BOOM! The realization strikes back! I realized that it’s very hard to edit and my beloved yet abused laptop is starting to show rebelliousness by NOT RESPONDING and having FATAL ERRORS time after time… And after one hell of a night editing it, I was halfway through finishing it when a message popped out of nowhere saying "RESTARTING WINDOWS…" <deym!> and that’s how i found out that there’s a virus on my rebellious laptop…

    I have no choice but to restart it, but I don’t want to make that damn hard video again so I come up with the new and improve-ised “CAS is FUN!” video… At first I’m not sure if it will work, but what do you know…, it worked!

    The simple tag line "CAS is FUN!" became "VIRAL" as what I have planned <hehe.> the repetition of the tag line makes it funny, even the VPAA and the VP of LPU-L agreed to be featured in this video.

    Simplicity is beauty as what they say, but for me it’s not just simplicity that makes it beautiful… It’s the sense within it that captures the attention of the viewers

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  5. Week 3: Business’ Drug of Last Resort… Pathetic?

    To tell you, this blog isn’t really focusing on the whole package of the seminar, but on some interesting parts and facts that catch my attention… And, as usual the things I’ll state on this blog is purely based on what I think of the topic and what is said on the seminar… (it’s like a disclaimer^^) 

    Marketing as they say, is the use of different strategies to attract new market or to retain old ones… But I’ve discovered a new way to attract your customers… It is, as they call it: “Stealth” Marketing… What kind of pathetic businessman will come up with a plan to hire actors to act like customers and say good things about the product in public? It’s like an undercover mission, well it is an undercover mission, that when you screw things up, the whole company’s future will be at steak… But I must say, it is GENIUS! But still pathetic. (-_-)

    "Undercover marketing (also known as buzz marketing, stealth marketing, or by its detractors roach baiting) is a subset of guerrilla marketing where consumers do not realize they are being marketed to. For example, a marketing company might pay an actor or socially adept person to use a certain product visibly and convincingly in locations where target consumers congregate. While there, the actor will also talk up their product to people they befriend in that location, even handing out samples if it is economically feasible. The actor will often be able to sell consumers on their product without those consumers even realizing that they are being marketed to.” Exactly as what is stated in the Powerpoint Presentation during the seminar, it’s very well said there that The actor will often be able to sell consumers on their product without those consumers even realizing that they are being marketed to.” isn’t that both genius and pathetic.., it is genius because it is a sure-fire formula, specially when your product is really good that the target market would have "Love at First Sight" at your product. But on the other hand, it is pathetic because it only shows that your company is a company run by a cheapskate because it rather pay an civilian or “actor” wanna be than to pay a thousands of Peso to an advertising company, well, it seems like it was a very genius tactic in the eyes of the businessman but on the eyes of the consumers…, think again! They might think that the company isn’t being truthful to them so they won’t trust it anymore, and we all know that trust, aside from communication, is very essential to a relationship, a relationship between business and its customers…

    Maybe, it’s their Drug of Last Resort, because all of their advertising ideas turn into advertising failures… But I think it shouldn’t end up like this… Ethical or not, Pathetic or Ingenious… <bow>

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  7. Week 2: I’m Fallin’ to Pieces…

    Oh yeah.., the sweet sound of the voice telling that we won’t be schooling for 5 consecutive days… Well, we deserve it. I think so… And they call it Long “Vacation”. Yes! Vacation! A perfect time for your battered mined to revitalize, your worn out bodies to replenish and your restless souls to finally meet their DOOM! just joking… What I mean is for your soul to be well rested for a while. It’s been a while since my last Long “Vacation” came, and now, I will live it to the fullest! Lots and tons of plan came into me, plans that can rejuvenate the wasted being that I’ve become.

    My plan originally, goes like this:

    First Day: I WILL HAVE A DATE! Guess what! I’ll have a date that day! A date with my BED! Well, we all know that sleeping is a good way to recharge!

    Second Day: TODAY I SWEAR I’M NOT DOING ANYTHING! All week long, we’ve become too much tied up with all our school works and all, so on that day I will not do a single thing!

    Third Day: A WALK TO REMEMBER! I’ll leave the house in the morning and never to return again! JOKE!!! For sure I’ll go home… After the sun goes down!

    Fourth Day: F&F DAY! It’s the FAMILY&FRIENDS’ DAY! A whole day of fun and spending time with all my friends and my loved ones…

    Fifth Day: GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER! After one date, I have to know my Bed more… So I’m reuniting with my bed once more! ;”)

    But in real world,…

    First Day: I WILL HAVE A DATE! Guess what! I’ll have to go to the school to meet with Ms. A… That’s because I have to pass our one-day old Digital Signage Presentation… And unfortunately, I saw Kuya Clarence and he told me that Ms. A is not around that day… Dhun-dhun-dhuuuun!

    Second Day: TODAY I SWEAR I’M NOT DOING ANYTHING! TODAY I SWEAR I’M NOT DOING ANYTHING but Household Chores.. All week long, we’ve become too much tied up with all our school works and all, so all my cleaning-up, my laundry etc. were stocked and began to increase so that day I became more wasted!

    Third Day: A WALK TO REMEMBER! O’yeah..,that day I became the MIGHTY ERRAND MAN! "bumili ka nga nito!", "punta ka doon, manghiram ka ng…" and so on and so forth… Walking and running for errands until the sun goes down… Phew!

    Fourth Day: F&F DAY! It’s the FOTOGRAFY&FOTO-EDIT DAY! (pinilit!) haha… Yeah yeah…, We got to Caliraya, Lumban, Quezon…,took some shots, go home and edit some of it… "Damn! Mas mahaba pa yung byahe sa "FOTO" shoot namin! hahaha!".

    Fifth Day: GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER! When you think it won’t get even worse… Then think again… After four days I thought that I could finally take one day to rest…. BUT no! I remember that I have to start to get to know my thesis to Mr. Adidi… Damn it!

    And that’s how a 5-day dream became a 5-day nightmare… T.T need some rest..

    (btw.., to be honest, I didn’t attend the seminar so I have nothing to say about it… But as how Kuya Clarence described it… I think it sounds fun… -_-)

    Before I finish this blog I accidentally close this window three (3) times so I repeat and repeat and repeat… Well I don’t mean anything… Just sharing… ^^

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  9. jasminmanansala:

astig =) hahahaha tawa tlga q dto,.

nyok~!! nyok~!! nyok~!!


    astig =) hahahaha tawa tlga q dto,.

    nyok~!! nyok~!! nyok~!!

    (Source: shithappens666)

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  11. Week 1: Stop, Pick-up, and Act (a reaction about the new groupings)

    Oh yeah… My reaction about the new groupings… (-_-) phew! Good thing this is a specific topic, so no one would accuse me of using the copy-paste formula… Anyway… I’m informing you that the things that you might read in this blog may change your views about me, offend you, hurt your feelings, make you cry?!?, make you feel guilty or other things that make you feel down, or just simply annoy you! But DON’T take it seriously, because they were just my insights about the things that happened DURING and AFTER the formation of the new groupings… Besides, this is MY blog so I’m the boss here… (^^,) okay… Let’s do this~!!

    That day… Hmmm… I still remember it like it was just yesterday… Ms. A told us that there will be a new groupings, then she asked us who wants to choose their new groupmates… So, I poked Ner and told him: “o’yea! Piliin natin si Ralph para lahat tayo taga Tanauan!" then we agreed to raise our hands… Then I saw the looks on Ms. A’s face… "uh-oh!" I said to myself… Then she began asking "Why? Why do you want to choose your own groupmates?" I prayed that I won’t be asked by that question because I don’t have the time to formulate an answer that won’t be the cause of her rage… Jeric was called and he answered.., and the unwanted happened… After Ms. A releases a bit of her stress to us, the new groupings is now formally announced… Then Mark, Andrew, and Ner collide on one group… I felt my heart pounding my chest, beating so fast that I can’t breathe properly… But that’s not because I’m nervous or what, it’s just that I feel (modesty aside) the challenge coming… After a while the bell rang…

    Okay! Enough storytelling! It’s time to get straight to the point! Frankly at first I thought “What the hell is happening?!" we are supposed to be three in a group, but in my case we’re two and a half (because there’s only a 50:50 chance that Paula show up in the class). But if you ask me right now, even if the missing link in our group doesn’t show up, we will make it through because Judiel and I are working just fine even without her. About the three-headed monster group or should I say three-headed genius group, well I don’t bother them at all… Because they’re just students like me. We all think that they are the “top" or the "best" or what so ever in our class in terms of these digital signage thingy… But the fact is that THEY ARE JUST STUDENTS OF AB MMA JUST-LIKE-US! So there is no reason being nervous or intimidated by their skills, like what Ner said that he is still a NOOB! But it’s not only Ner that is the newbie here, even Mark, Andrew, Yanyan, Rej, Me, and the rest of MMA students, US! We’re all newbies here! That’s why were studying this course. What kind of SIMPLETON will enroll in this course if he’s already a PRO?! Right?! Even some of the professors are still noobs (only higher ranking than us) and they know it to themselves (somehow), and that is why they’re striving to have their Masters Degree. So to those who will say: “Aw! IMBA naman ung Group nila Mark, Andrew, at Ner! Di natin kaya yan, unfair!" I suggest as early as today you drop out of this class and go to your mom then cry until you drought your eyes dry (I want to say “Go kill yourself!" but I’m not that brutal).

    MMA 2-1 stop complaining and STOP shitting around acting like babies just because there’s no Mark or Andrew or Ner in your group. It’s time to Pick-up your ass, stand up and Act like a college students. It’s time to do it ourselves, an it doens’t mean that when Mark or Andrew or Ner isn’t your groupmate they couldn’t help you (NOT to do it for you) or teach you some things regarding the project, the point is we should remove the belief that if either of that three was on your side, you won’t have to shed a sweat doing the “techy” things.

    Actually, when Ms. A gave this topic I said that I will mock her and blame her decision for all of this, but then after a while I realized that it’s not up to her or to the professors if we will learn any thing. In the end, it’s up to our own self whether to make ourselves as bright as the SUN could possibly be or to be as dumb as a JACKASS in everyday of our lives.

    -but I have one question.., how about the interview that we should conduct to a Multimedia Company?!? (o.O) just asking…

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  13. Information System: Gateway to Future Success!

    All medium to large organizations depend on Information technology For their continued survival. Imagine the Power and Water companies having to manually calculate their transactions everyday! Millions of customer bills every month or quarter! Clearly the clerical effort involved would make it difficult if not impossible for the organization to make a profit or even survive for a week or two. And also to banks, government agencies, fast food chains, and other organizations that make use of the technology for their company or business to be well organized and fully functioning.

    There are some reasons that Information Systems are so important for  business today! First is for the Operational Excellence, all companies and businesses should work efficiently for them to be renowned in the business society, they improve the efficiency of their operations in order to achieve higher profitability. Second is the New Products, Services, and Business Models, thanks to Information Systems those business-minded people gain an access to what consumers really wanted and what they needed the most in their daily living. It also gives them the power to know the latest trends that the buyers want. Because of that they can come up with their sure fire plan for their new  product. Information system is a major tool for firms to create new products and services, and also an entirely new business models. A business model describe how a company produces, delivers, and sells a product or service to create wealth. Another reason is because of the Customer and Supplier Intimacy, because of the technology today, mainly the internet the customers can comment on the product that they buy through blogs or directly, to the company’s website. This creates a relation between the costumer and the supplier depending on what the consumer’s comment on the company and its product. Of course when a business serves its customers well, the customers generally respond by returning and purchasing more. This raises revenue and profits. The more a business engage its suppliers, the better the suppliers can provide vital inputs. This lower costs. Also IS is important for Improved Decision Making, many managers operate in an information bank, never having the right information at the right time to make an informed decision. These poor outcomes raise costs and lose customers. Information system made it possible for the managers to use real time data from the marketplace when making decision. One good reason why IS is very important is for Competitive Advantage, well, when firms achieve one or more of these business objectives( operational excellence, new products, services, and business models, customer/supplier intimacy, and improved decision making) chances are they have already achieved a competitive advantage. Doing things better than your competitors, charging less for superior products, and responding to customers and suppliers in real time all add up to higher sales, and higher profits. Lastly, and one important matter is for SURVIVAL, Information system is a foundation for conducting business today. In many businesses, survival and the ability to achieve strategic business goals is difficult without extensive use of information technology. Business firms invest in information system and technology because they are necessities of doing business. This necessities are driven by industry level changes. 

    In many industries, existence without extensive use of IT is inconceivable, and IT plays a critical role in increasing productivity. Although information technology has become more of a commodity, when coupled with complementary changes in organization and management, it can provide the foundation for new products, services, and ways of conducting business that provide firms with a strategic advantage. In short, without these Information Systems that the companies use today the path way to success might be near in sight but far at reach.

    But setting aside these reasons, the fact that without these IS the companies will be needing more manpower and more manpower means more expenses. Such as monthly salary, medical needs and other incentives. Besides, human employees is vulnerable to sickness and fatigue that causes the absence to their work, also they often commit mistakes, you know, the one we call as “human error”. Human employees also have their individual mindsets so when not treated properly, they might start a rally or movement against the company. And also they are use to have vacation or what we call “leave” every once in a while compared to IS who only needs an operator and poof! It does its job EFFICIENTLY and WITHOUT any complaints. And they’re not vulnerable to sickness (unless it is hacked or penetrated by a virus which won’t take a day to be resolved.)….

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  15. Money in having Fun

    Business, major source of income, foundation of our economy, it’s one of the building block to success, but what is the real “Business” for me? What do I really think about business?

    Well, business for me is the way people express their creative ideas to earn money. It is their way to earn profit and enjoy what they are doing as well. That’s REAL Business for me, the fact that you earn money and enjoy your business as well is the reality that earning money should not be that stressful at all. Although stress won’t be separated from business, the point is that you should not think about working to be stressed out for the sake of earning money but rather you should be optimistic enough to think that you work because you want to have fun and earn money at the same time.

    They say you should be serious in everything you’re doing; especially in business matters, but dude, you should have fun too. Having fun does not mean taking your job lightly, it’s just a way of showing that you love what you’re doing in a way that you’re doing it perfectly and efficiently.

    Anyway, that’s what I think about Business I don’t know what you think about it, if you think what I’m saying is wrong, then why did you even bother reading it at all. Well, the bottom line of my blog is that business is about money while having FUN!

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  17. The Boss and the Employee

    State of the Nation Address, it informs us on how and what is our government has accomplished for the past year. Comparing the past SONA’s that I have heard, PNoy’s SONA is the best for it just not state about the good deed of his administration for the past year but also the problems left by the past administrations that needs to be resolved immediately without any further adieu.

    He showed transparency of funds used in the past year of his governance, he assured us that project funds won’t be wasted unlike the past administration’s projects that they say “worth buying for” or “world-class”. PNoy opened our eyes onto what’s really happening on our past administration, how those corrupted officials rewarded themselves with midnight bonuses when they have already drowned their agencies in debt.

    There is confidence and there is hope; the government is now fulfilling its promises. PNoy just not elevate our standings in the eyes of the rating agencies but also in the eyes of his fellow countrymen; his bosses.

    Wang-wang is the symbol of monopoly in our society, we should put an end to this. PNoy can’t stand against it alone, we should work as one; just like boss and an employee, working together to make their company stand out from other companies. Let us work together to make our country stand out from other countries.

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  19. "Best"? not yet…

    "The Best of MMA", well for me you’ll never know the best of MMA unless you’re a part of it. I don’t know, maybe there’s something with MMA that makes special, I feel that there’s something that sorts it out from the other courses. Uhm… You know, even if I write everything that I’ve experienced during my MMA days, you would probably just waste your time reading it, because you won’t understand a thing that I would say.

    What I am saying is that you need to know each MMA student for you to understand ang feel each and everything that I would say.

    Well I thing the phrase “The Best of MMA” isn’t the right one to describe the past things that had happened to MMA, all the laughs that we have, all the problems we’ve conquered, the stress we’ve been through, the videos we’ve made, the presentations we’ve presented, all the overnights, the sleepovers without sleeping at all, all those days that we attend the class with our eyes merely shutting, or those mornings we go to school with our eyebags almost covering our face, and all the fun we have just by being together.

    "The Best of MMA" doesn’t suit all of that for now. Because the best of MMA is still yet to come!

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  21. Move In

    Have you ever imagine waking up one day and you’ll hear Humming Birds instead of Honking Cars, inhaling the fresh Mountain Air rather than the foul smell of Smoke Belchers around, or being one with Nature once and for all than being with our polluted Wasteland each day of your life. Maybe all you need is to MOVE OUT from that old environment and MOVE IN to ELIZA REST HOUSE!

    Located at Lot 5750-A Zone 6 Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Sto. Tomas, Batangas, and has a total lot area of 1023 sq. meters and floor area of 120 sq. meters, this dream house has a lot to offer! a Living area, Dining area, Kitchen area, Laundry area, a Veranda, 3 Comfort Rooms, 1 Masters’ Bedroom and 2 Guest room (found at the Basement of the house), Garage, and a Garden with fruit bearing trees.

    And, if you buy this dream house, we assure you that there won’t be any dull moment in your whole stay in here. You could go Hiking, Photography (nature), Shopping, and a whole lot more!

    See, all in the price of one! Buy this house and you’ll have your dream house without going too far from the city! Isn’t that amazing!? So what are you waiting for! Call now and own this house! Call: 09228202860 or email us at: jane.valdezco@yahoo.com

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  23. I.A.M.A.L.Y.C.E.A.N. (R U 1 OF THEM~?!)

    Yesterday, I remembered a joke I’ve heard on my first year of school at Lyceum… My friend says: “Pag tatawid ka, wag ka na mag-overpass, tapos pag sinigawan ka nung mga guard, sabihin mo: I AM A LYCEAN sabay takbo." then we laughed…

    But one hot noon time, during this semester, I saw a student who did what’s said on the joke (except he didn’t say the “I AM A LYCEAN” word.) and he crossed the road running, then the guard (in Yazaki) blew his whistle and shouted, trying to stop the student. But the student just glanced back then continue running, he was nearly hit by a raging truck. I said to myself, That fathead won’t have a chance to get his college degree if he’s always playing with fate in that fastidious road…

    I wonder what would it be if that student was hit by the truck, I’m sure nightmares would hunt that guard who failed to stop the student. Even though it wasn’t his fault the scene that could have happened will always flashback at his mind. Maybe he would blame himself if that happened.

    This is the only message I have for those nitwits

     Ingat Ang mga Mukhang Abstract na mga Lalaking Yun at pag na-Checkmate sila, Ewan ko nalang Ang address Ng paglalamayan sa kanila~!!

    in short:

    I AM A LYCEAN~!!

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  25. ComF5®: Everyone Has a Story to Tell

    COMF5: Communication Refreshed  is an internet marketing suite founded by Chairman of the Board and CEO, Richard Kall that focuses heavily on video but includes every tool imaginable that a marketer or business could want:  Video email, Live conferencing, contact management, auto responder, templates, analytics,  etc..

    It is indeed an incredible multimedia company, it includes most of the features that anyone wanting to do online marketing could want. So a package like COMF5 is very convenient. The product stands on its own. The choice to be a “Reseller” is entirely yours. As a consultant or a small business owner that is shy on resources and technical savvy, COMF5 can go a long way in helping  to build leads and make connections with current and prospective clients.

    Ralph Locklear says: “ComF5 is by far one of the SMARTEST investments I have ever made! This comF5 investment, has given me the ability to stand out from all of my competition, using Video Email Marketing, Webinar Marketing, Mobile Marketing and so much more…for half the price of any other solution!”

    ComF5® combines the power of video storytelling with the interactivity of digital, providing a way to communicate and engage your audience wherever they are. The comF5 eMarketEngine™ is the ultimate integrated marketing solution for your business. We provide the products and services necessary to engage, entertain and educate your audience. Because we built this on a unified digital platform, you can have a powerful solution at an affordable price.”

    ComF5 sure is amazing it’s very well said by their costumers as I browse their website. I’m sure the cost won’t be a problem if they provide world-class services.


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  27. On time and ONLINE

    When i first saw the Mac Lab in Lyceum, I was very amazed because the units are Apple… Which is very advanced compared to other PC units, and I was never disappointed by its performance. But one time during our class we experienced something that’s annoys us pretty much, there was no internet connection in some of our units. How are we suppose to gather images for editing and upload it on moodle if that’s the case???

    But just like when I first saw the malfunctioning AC in the other room I just said to myself, "ok lang yan, maaayos din yan next meeting", but a week pass by and just as what happened in the ACs, again this problem isn’t solved yet. I think our professor already reported it at the MIS office, oh well, maybe they forgot everything about it. Maybe if we’ll forget of paying it, they’ll remember fixing it for us. ^^

    Well maybe it’s not their fault, if only we could blame the PCs because of their sensitivity that only safari browser is allowed to operate, but we can’t, or maybe we should blame the internet for not connecting us to the web when we needed to, sure we can’t, or should we blame ourselves for sitting at the wrong PC at the wrong time without knowing that there’s no connection there, definitely not! We cannot blame them or ourselves.

    Well I don’t know who’s to blame and who’s not, all I know is, that problem should be fixed right away for us to pass our projects on time and ONLINE.

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